AT E&F Resolution, we aim to be the KEY to our customer's sales solution needs. We provide products and solutions from front-end to back-end, giving them the ease of finding different vendors for different products or solutions. 

We also strive to be LEADER in addressing our customers' operational needs by providing integrated and efficient solutions. Our customers are able to eliminate non-value-add activities and benefit in a seamless workflow envrionment.


We are always thinking from the customer perspective of how they will run their business. With our combined experiences in the F&B and retail industries, we will consult our clients and share with them real life case studies. Our objective is to provide the most suitable solutions to our customers

Our solutions are derived form working together with our customers in understanding their desired outcome. We will also leverage on our experiences from real-life case studies to provide the most suitable solutions.



5-Guan Kitchen
7-Ji Bao
11-Fusion Foodie
12-Daddy Corner
14-Baba Wins
15- Baa Mee
16- Fast Thai
18- Prago
19- Dreamworld
17- Xin Long Xing Seafood
20- I Love Yoo
13-New Taste
21- Hello Bakery

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